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Alpharetta Dance Theatre offers a range of programs at all levels for beginners to pre-professional dancers.  Our instructors assist students in evaluating the proper path for each student to help them achieve their goals.

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Ballet for Children
Designed for children ages 3 and 4 years old, this class is an introduction to the dynamics of music and dance.  During this program, the students are introduced to ballet, including basic steps, drama, rhythm games, stretching, tumbling, and coordination exercises.
Class time: 45 minutes

Ballet/Jazz/Hip Hop/Tap
A combination class, Ballet/Jazz is intended for students of various levels ages 4 through teens.  Ballet is the oldest and most traditional form of dance and is the foundation from which all other dance forms evolved.  Jazz is an interpretation of sound and America’s cultural contribution to the world of dance.  It’s a free and less restricted dance form that utilizes popular music and is appealing to all ages.
Class time: 1 hour class Ballet/Jazz (5-7 years); 2 hour class Ballet/Jazz (8 years – teens); Hip Hop/Tap a half hour class that can be added to Ballet/Jazz classes (5-teens)

The study of pointe work starts only after a student has acquired proper placement and a considerable amount of technical strength on the demi-pointe.  It takes years of daily practice to develop a strong and graceful pointe technique and should only be considered by someone who is seriously committed to the study of classical ballet.

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